Midge's Wedding - in pictures

These pictures below are collector cards from Panini from a huge collecting series with of 1992. The series within series of cards is called "Wedding Bells for Midge 1991". Text is from the back of the cards. Unfortunately I am missing a few cards in the series, where Todd hands over the ring etc, but what I do have makes a cute story.


  #179 - Girl Talk
#180 - Wedding Bells for Midge

This card has no text on the back, just a checklist for what's to come.

#181 - Todd Takes a Little Trip

Ring Bearer Todd is a little nervous as he walks down the aisle today. He can't stop thinking about last night's wedding rehearsal. What a disaster! His tennis shoes had caught on the carpet, and he and the ring pillow went flying down the aisle. "Nice landing!" smiled cousin Alan. "I'm glad to have such an eager ring bearer. You'll be great tomorrow!" Todd smiles as he remembered Alan's kind words and he wasn't nervous any more. 

#182 - A Compliment for Kelly

Barbie's little sister Kelly is so excited to be Flower Girl at Midge's wedding. Not only does she get to wear a beautiful dress just like Barbie's, she also gets to toss flower petals on the bride's path. As she walks down the aisle, Kelly notices Todd, the Ring Bearer, smiling at her. She blushes as she reaches him. "You look really pretty," Todd says shyly, and then adds, "... for a girl!"

#183 - A Dream Come True

As the orchestra begins to play "Here Comes the Bride", Midge sppears under the garden trellis. All eyes are on the beautiful bride, especially Alan's. She seems to float down the aisle in her lovely gown and veil. "Pinch me!" says Alan, leaning towards Ken. "Why?" Ken asks. "Midge is just too beautiful to be true, and I want to make sure that I'm not dreaming!"

#184 - The Wedding Vows

Midge and Alan look into each other's eyes and they say their wedding vows. "With this ring I pledge my love to you, forever", says Alan as he slides the ring onto Midge's finger. "And with this ring I pledge my love to you, Alan, forever...and ever!" promises Midge as she places a matching ring on Alan's finger. Tenderly the new bride and groom share their first kiss as husband and wife.

No picture #185 - Into the Future
No picture #186 - Todd Sets the Pace... and the Place!
No picture #187 - Helping Hand
#188 - Picture This!

After fifteen minutes of posing for wedding pictures, Todd turns to Kelly and says, "This picture-taking is making me hungry." Kelly nods her head and whispers, "Me too. If only the photographer would stop talking about food!" Tood looks puzzled and says, "She hasn't been talking about food, Kelly." Just then the photographer peeks out from behind the camera lens ands says, "Say 'cheese' everyone!" Kelly can't resist saying, "I told you so, Todd."

#189 - A Picture-Perfect Couple

"Just one more picture", promises the wedding photographer. Midge and Alan have been posing for over an hour. The photographer clicks the shutter one last time. "That one will be a keepsake!" she exclaims. Midge and Alan stroll back to the dance floor. "My cheeks were getting sore from all that smiling." laughs Alan. "So were mine," adds Midge. "I haven't smiled that much since you proposed to me!" she teases as Alan whisks her off to the dance floor.

#190 - The Wedding Toast

"To the loving couple", says Ken as he raises his glass to toast the new bride and groom. "May Alan and Midge share a lifetime of joy together!" Barbie turns to Ken and places a kiss on his cheek. "To what do I owe this special treat?" asks a delighted Ken. "The best man deserves only the best!" Barbie replies.

No picture #191 - Dancing on Air
No picture #192 - Wedding Cake Worries
#193 - The Wedding Bouquet

"Who will be the next bride?" asks Midge, preparing to throw her wedding bouquet. Midge closes her eyes and tosses the bouquet. Suddenly everyone begins laughing. "What's so funny?" asks Midge turning to face everyone. A little voice begins yelling, "I've caught it!" Flower Girl Kelly emerges with the bouquet. "I think you'll make a beautiful bride", laughs Midge, "in about twenty years!"

#194 - Catch of the Day

Midge giggles as Alan removes the blue garter from her leg. "I wonder who the lucky guy will be?" laughs Midge. All of the bachelors are lined up, waiting for Alan to toss the garter. "I think Ken has an edge over the other guys" says Alan. Just then Midge spots Ken standing in the front row. "You're right Alan," laughs Midge. "He is the only one wearing a catcher's mitt!"

#195 - Barbie's Special Gift

Midge shows Barbie a new dress from her honeymoon trosseau. "It's all so romantic", says Barbie "In four hours you and Alan will be flying off to a tropical paradise." When they finish packing, Barbie hands Midge a gift. "What's this?" asks Midge. Barbie smiles, "Open it. It's a special gift. You'll be visiting so many beautiful places on your honeymoon and I want you to look great for all of them." Midge opens box. Inside is a beautiful dress.

#196 - A New Beginning

The wedding is coming to a close. Midge and Alan thank their friends and relatives for sharing this special day with them. As the newlyweds leave the party, the crowd showers them with rice. "This has been so wonderful" Midge says to Alan. "I wish it would never end!" Alan whisks his new bride itno his arms. "Darling," he whispers, "We've only just begun."

#197 - On the Road... Again!

Alan and Midge wave good-bye to their guests as they jump into Barbie's red Ferrari. The engine purrs softly as the newlyweds head for the airport. Suddenly Alan pulls to the side of the road. "What's wrong?" Midge asks. "I forgot the plane tickets!" Alan says sadly. "We'll have to go back." Midge opens the glove compartment and removes a white envelope. "You mean these tickets!" she giggles. "Phew!" says Alan. "I'm going to love having you for a wife."

#198 - Wishing on a Star

"This is the perfect ending to a perfect wedding day", sighs Midge. She and Alan park on a romantic beach to watch the sunset. Slowly the sky changes from blue to deep purple. Suddenly, a light streaks across the sky. "A falling star!" cries Midge. "Let's have a wish on it!" They close their eyes and each make a secret wish. "What did you wish for?" Midge asks. He whispers his wish into her ear. "Me, too!" she giggles.


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