Midge is one of my favorite 11" dolls. She is mostly redheaded with freckles and that might be an influence to why I like her so much.... I am too... 

This girl have been by Barbie's side for many, many years. She was first released in 1963 and that was when the marks on the SL body changed to include both Barbie and Midge on the butt. Her head mold is stamped 1958 and that is quite remarkable I think as it's the same year as Barbie's head was copyrighted. Was she planned by then or was it another try on the Barbie doll? I have never heard anything about that so I can't tell, but it's a nice thought. 

Below is a list of all the Midges I know have been released and some that never made it to production and sale. If you miss any LMK and I'll add her to the list. The European dolls could be found in Toys'R US or FAO Schwarz stores in USA too. If you click the dollnames (with links) you'll get to a page with a box-/loose doll pic and/or a closeup of the doll. 

2003 was an interesting year in Midge's history. She became the mother - of TWO. Alan brought their son Ryan in a new gift set and Midge came with a new born baby. They were also released in AA versions where Midge was made with the Teen Skipper(!!) face mold. In 2004 they got yet another baby and baby Nikki turned a year old. Also Midge's parents appered in both caucasian and AA.

My dolls are not for sale. They are just show offs from my personal collection - otherwise noted.

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Vintage mold
#860 1963->
SL - or Straight Legs Blue eyes, freckles, no freckles, blonde, titian, brunette.
#1009 1965->
Wigs Wardrobe Just a head with three wigs. 
#1080 1965->
BL - or Bend Legs A new hairstyle in three colors.
#18976 1998
35th Anniversary Gift Set Titian girl with freckles. Reproduction.
Steffie mold
#4442 1988
California A pretty redhead with green eyes and freckles.
#4442 1988
California Dream Same as above. 
#3216 1989
Cool Times Red hair and blue eyes, freckles.
Diva mold
#9360 1990
All Stars Red hair, green eyes, freckles. 
#2752 1991
The Beat / Disco Red hair, olive/turqoise eyes, freckles.
#9606 1990
Wedding Day Red hair in a honey-shade, green/purple eyes. 
#10256 1993
Earring Magic Red hair, blue eyes. Yellow dress. 
#5476 1993
Sea Holiday Brunette with green eyes. 
#11077 1994
Camp / Nature Red hair, blue/green eyes. 
#13393 1995
Hot Skatin'  Red hair, green eyes. Poser body. 
#13236 1995
Slumber Party Red hair, blue/green eyes that closes/opens in warm/cold water. 
#13514 1995
Winter Sport Red hair, green eyes. Poser body. Same as Hot Skatin'.
#14589 1997
Jewel Hair Mermaid Looong red hair and blue/purple eyes. 
#20538 1999
Florida Red hair, green eyes.
#24617 1999
Hawaii Red hair. Her freckles are back! Turquoise eyes with lime dots.
#28421 2000
Surf City  Gorgeous redhead with freckles and the new slimmer waist.
#53461 2001
Palm Beach  Another redhead with a P-A-I-N-T-E-D on swimsuit. (YECH)
# 200x
Happy Family  Midge is having a baby!
# 200x
Happy Family  Midge is having another baby!!
# 200x
Happy Family Neighborhood Midge is still redheaded.
# 200x
Happy Family Fair Midge out with her family.
Mackie face
#20538 1999
Florida Same as above, only different face. 
European (Diva-mold)
#7513 1991
Ski Fun Red hair, blue/turqoise eyes. 
Winter Fun Red hair, green eyes.
#10909 1993
Naf Naf Red hair, green eyes. 
#10060 1994
Paint 'N Fun Red hair, turqoise eyes.
#7018 1993
Earring Magic Red hair, blue eyes. Blue dress.
#13085 1995
Dance Moves Brunette, blue eyes. Poser legs, dancing function.
#15475 1996
Inline Skating  Brunette, brown eyes. Poser body.
Teen Skipper
# 200x
Happy Family AA  AA HF Midge got the Skipper headmold...
# 200x
Happy Family AA  The doll released in 2004.
# 200x
Happy Family Neighborhood AA Midge and her one-year old Nikki. 
# 200x
Happy Family Fair AA Midge out with her family.
Never released
#5717 1991
Midge as Mom with twin baby Seen in a flyer...
Skip'n Dive She was seen on boxbacks and in ads...
Other Diva faced girls
#2427 1986
Rockers Diva Red hair, wild makeup. 
#3159 1987
Real Dancing Action Diva Red hair, green eyes. 
#4967 1988
Sensations Bopsy Reddish blonde, green eyes.
#3512 1990
Dance Club Kayla Red hair, green eyes, 90's makeup in lots of colors.
#M9671 2008
Lilly Truscott Honey blonde with blue eyes and painted teeth.
Foreign dolls with the Diva mold
Glamour Diva Brazilian doll
Super Star Lara Brazilian doll
Diva faced collector dolls....  
Chinese Empress A ravenhaired Midge faced beauty.
DotW Native American I A lovely Indian girl in white buckskin. 
DotW Native American IV Indian dressed in brown buckskin. 
DotW Native American TRU Special Ed, dressed in tan/blue buckskin. 
Golden Qi Pao Commemorating Hong Kong's "freeing" from UK.
Midge clones 
Pia (TEMPO) Looking like a bad day version of the vintage Midge....


Three head molds used for Midge over the years in three different hair colors. 
From left: the original 1958 Midge, the 1971 Steffie mold and the 1985 Diva mold. 
In 1999 some dolls of the Florida Midge dolls featured the Mackie closed mouth face too. 

Some Midge/Diva faces:


Check here to see a story of Midge and Alan's wedding day.


In the Happy Meals in Sweden 2001 you could find this girl: 
Surf City Midge. The photos doesn't do her real justice as her hair seems so red - it's actually the same carrot red tone as the real 11" doll has. This girl is 16cm (6"). She comes with a lime green pool chair. 


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