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Page 2: Tracy®, Diva®, Whitney®, Bopsy®, Kayla®, Tara Lynn®, Becky®, Melody®.
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Page 4 (this): Fashion Fever; Tia©, Desiree©, Drew™, Courtney©, Gillian©, Kira©, Shannen™, Fairytopia™; Joybelle, Lenara, Dandelion,     

2004 gave us a new concept of dolls. Barbie and her friends were sold in plastic tubes and with this a huge bunch of new friends were introduced. These were called Fashion Fever and are cool girls (and guys) dressed in fashions of the day.

Due to the form of the box, they are very hard to photograph!

Fashion Fever Tia

Ana/Lara headmold

Fashion Fever Desiree

Barbie 2002 headmold
Head markings 2001


Fashion Fever Drew

Ana/Lara headmold
Head markings 1998

Fashion Fever Courtney

Ana/Lara headmold
Head markings 1998


Fashion Fever Gillian

Goddess headmold
Head markings 1998


Fashion Fever Kira

Head marked 2000

Fashion Fever Shannen

Tango headmold
Head marked 2001


The Fairytopia™ and Mermadia series brought a few new fantasy friends to Barbie: Lenara and Joybelle were first. They have painted bodies and rooted eyelashes. Later dolls were made without the lashes, but still with painted bodies or parts.
I will probably never get all of these - or even a fraction of them. They are way too odd for me with their painted bodies, stuck-on wings and fish tails etc... Some I just can't resist though..... LOL!


Barbie millenium face mold
Markings 2000

Pic from


Kayla/Lea face mold
Markings 2000

Pic from


Isn't she just to die for? Love her "sweet"
appearance! (even with her bright orange

Markings 2000


She reminds me of Cinderella - just as
sweet looking

Markings 2004



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