Christie, Barbie's first black friend.

In 1968 Christie made her appearance among the friends of Barbie, and this black girl is the one that has been around longest of them all. Some years earlier another colored girl was on the shelves, but somehow she didn't response to well - as we all regret today. Colored Francie shared the same head- and bodymold as her white counterpart and was withdrawn after a couple of years. Instead Mattel gave out a new friend with the same body mold as Barbie so they could share wardrobe, to add more fun to the play. Christie's original headmold has the copyright year 1965 marked so that is actually before Colored Francie hit the shelves!

For a few years in the 80's there weren't any Christie dolls, but instead a couple of other black friends: The Rocker's DeeDee and The Sensations' Belinda. In 1988 Christie rolled into sunny California on her blades (just like Midge) with a whole new face and have stayed ever since.

In Europe we only get the bathing suit Christie dolls, never any of the other playline Christies. I'm sorry that is the fact. The dealers claim the black dolls don't sell here. One fun exception to this is in 1980 when the first black Barbie was released in the US - in Europe we got Ebony Christie instead. They were exactly the same doll!! This changed in 2000 as we have sen more and more Christies on the shelves, while Marina (Kira) has disappeared completely.

Christie have had 10 different faces since she first appeared in 1968.

Christie's original headmold is marked 1965

This is a very black Malibu Christie in a non-Barbie(?) outfit.

The Midge headmold was used for Live Action Christie in 1971-73, with long rooted eyelashes.
Markings on the head are 1958.

Here she has lost her headband but later found a new one.

In 1977 Barbie was all new and so was Christie since they shared facemold.

Superstar Christie
Head markings 1976

Kissing Christie from 1978 share the same strange headmold as Kissing Barbie.

Head markings 1978.

Sunsational Malibu Christie from 1981 has one of the most popular faces ever:
Steffie headmold with markings 1971.
In 1984 (?) a Sunsational Malibu Christie was made with the Spain face headmold.
This one is marked 1983 while the box is still marked 1981.

Some call this "The New Black Face", but I want to refer this as Christie's. Barbie got it the same year as Christie's comeback in '88.

Beach Blast Christie
Headmold markings 1987.

In 1995 Christie got a new look with this beautiful face of Shani which was a doll that came with two girl- and one boyfriend in the early 90's.

Sparkle Beach Christie

Shani headmold
Marked 1990

Here Christie has the Asha headmold. Asha was a friend of Shani with a light black skin tone. This mold has been used for most Christie dolls since 1997.

Purple Panic Christie

Head markings 1990

With this headmold, Christie have had all the different faces of the girls in the Shani line. This mold was first used for Shani's very dark skinned friend Nichelle.

Butterfly Art Christie.

Head markings 1990

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