Other black friends

Barbie have had quite a few African American girlfriends through the years. They have all shared faces with each other in some way. There just aren't that many different molds used over the years.

During the mid 80's Christie was not to be found, but Barbie had found other interesting girls from the black community that she made friends and shared a lot of fun things with.

Christie | Julia | Cara | DeeDee | Belinda | Devon | Shani | Midge | Simone | Nikki


This is the first celebrity friend of Barbie and she wouldn't fit in here if it wasn't for the fact that she has the face of one of Barbie's friends: Christie. The nurse Julia was a TV-series character played by Diahann Carroll.

The difference between Christie and Julia is that the most seen Julia dolls has short straight hair in a VERY VERY red tone. This was not how she looked in the stores but the hair has turned red from a nice brown color during time. It seems like a lot of the brunette dolls from that time have developed red hair, but the Julia dolls are the most obvious of them all.

Julia came twisting and talking as all the dolls in the late 60's in her nurse outfit.

Twist'n Turn Julia with looong
eyelashes and that wild red hair.

Christie headmold
Marked 1965


This girl came in the early 70's as a Free Moving Ballerina with Quick Curls and in a Deluxe version too. She was a beautiful girl made with Steffie's headmold. I recently learned there was a European version too, Funtime Cara. Never seen her and can't say anything about her though.
Ballerina Cara with her attached
golden crown on her gorgeous head.
She came in a pink tutu.

Steffie headmold
Marked 1971


DeeDee was part of Barbie's rock group The Rockers in the 80's. DeeDee was a cute girl and the only African American friend that was made with this headmold besides a late release of the Sunsational Malibu Christie doll. During these years no Christie dolls were to be found but as soon as The Rockers came back from their touring, so did Christie and DeeDee were never heard from again.
The 1987 second edition
Dancing Rockstars DeeDee or
Real Dance Action in the US.

Spain face headmold
Marked 1983


Belinda was a Doa girl in the Sensation group behind Barbie in 1988. When The Sensations made their tour in Europe they changed their name to Barbie and the BiBops. Belinda didn't follow them here but was replaced by a guy named Bobby (he was only sold in Europe...).
No picture
The Sensations Belinda

Christie headmold
Marked 1985


Devon was another dark skinned beauty that accompanied Barbie to the Dance Club in 1990 along with Ken and the new friend Kayla. These two new friends of Barbie were only sold for one year and are pretty hard to find today.
Dance Club Devon

Christie headmold
Marked 1985


This girl is described on her own page along with her friends in the Shani line from the early 90's.
Sun Jewel Shani was part of the
Barbie line of dolls in 1994.

Shani headmold
Marked 1990


In 2003 something interesting happened. Midge Hadley, married to Alan since 1990 was released in a black version too! They had started a family with a 3-year old boy and a new born baby girl named Nikki. All of these were also released in an AA version besides the regular caucasian Midge as we know her.
Happy Family Midge was the first black Midge and she came pregnant with her baby girl!

Teen Skipper headmold
Marked 1995



In 2003 a new group of dolls were released: 1 Modern Circle. One of them were Simone, a cute girl in dreadlocks.
1 Modern Circle Simone.

Steffie headmold
Marked 1971



The new AA girl in the World of Pink bears a well-known name - Nikki. She has a brand new face of 2006. Looks like a madeover Asha-face.
This might not be the best looking Nikki doll but she is the only one I have at this point!

Beach Glam Nikki (2006).

Head marked 2006



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