1958 Midge Head Mold

SL Midge was the first friend ever to the Barbie doll. She had mostly freckles and a wide glance in her blue eyes, looking forward. She came in all three hair colors too and had a cute hardly noticeable smile.

Markings in the rim of the neck:

1958 Mattel Inc



P.J. inherited the original Midge mold when Midge disappeared out into the world. This girl had blonde pigtails with brown eyes and rooted eyelashes. So cute!


Live Action Christie was the only AA doll that featured this mold. She was beautiful with her rooted eyelashes and brown eyes.


35th Anniversary Midge
And back again to the beginning. 35th Anniversary Midge from 1998 of course featured the same headmold as in the early years. 

I'm thrilled they made her with titian hair! 


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