1958 Eyelash Era Face Mold

This is one of my childhood dolls, a platinum Swirl that lost her nose tip sometime along the way. This is said to be a cause of a tiny whole in the plastic inside the nose tip due to an air bubble developed during the molding. If that is true or not is not for me to say.

I won't go into details about the differences in this mold. This is the one used for all the SL dolls as well as the first BL dolls during the '60s.

Ponytails, Swirls, Bubble Cuts, American Girls, they all had this mold and it is marked in the rim of the neck:

Copyr. ©1958 Mattel Inc.

The Fashion Queen head is a version of this one. The faces are the same but that one has molded hair.

Another version of this mold is Miss Barbie© that has eyes that can close. Miss Barbie's head is made of hard plastic.


35th Anniversary
The nostalgic repros of course was made with this mold too and got a new stamp in the back of the neck, compared to the original that is marked inside the rim.

©Mattel Inc



A lot of the Silkstone Barbie dolls were made from the original face mold too and this is the first black doll made with it.

Silkstone Lingerie #5.

See more Silkstones here:



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