Kelly/Shelly: Holiday Party 2006
Kelly: Happy Holidays 2006

These two sets/series have exactly the same dolls. As so much time has passed since and I was very much out of the loop at that time, I can't tell if these were released the same year, or if they were redone in new boxes for a second year. What I do know is that these have been sold in a Bunch set, in the same dresses the back shows. I don't have all the kids, but really only missing one as I have one in one series and two in another. Of these four that is. The Bunch have a fifth girl, not present here, Deidre. The weird part is, that I am missing the redhead, Nikki. Anyway...
One series have the bag like boxes, with a handle on top, same design as the first 5 Bunch boxes. The other set have christmas ball ornament shaped bubble boxes. I guess you could hang them in a tree as they are, with box and all, as there is a thread protruding out of the silver holder thingy at the top (my English just stopped working there).
The girls are a blonde and blue eyed Kelly in a dark salmon pink dress with fur collar and matching Mary Janes. Kerstie, the darker blonde girl with brown eyes, wears a blue dress and blue ballerina shoes. Nikki, the redhead has a very light mint green dress with a row of apple green sequins at the neckline and a flower of the same sequins on the skirt. Her shoes are green ballerinas. Kayla is the browneyed and dark haired girl in different shades of purple colors with matching Mary Janes. Each of the girls come with a chocolate mug. I believe the dolls are identical in all three sets, these two and the Holiday Party Bunch.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Shelly: Holiday Party, 2006
Asst. J1715


Kelly: Happy Holidays!, 2006
Asst. 7660



(J6102 Holiday Party Kelly, 2006)
K7661 Happy Holidays! Kelly, 2006



J6103 Holiday Party Nikki, 2006
K7662 Happy Holidays! Nikki, 2006



J6104 Holiday Party Kayla, 2006
(K7663 Happy Holidays! Kayla, 2006)



(K4416 Holiday Party Kerstie, 2006)
K7664 Happy Holidays! Kerstie, 2006



Kerstie, Kayla, Kelly, Nikki

Photo courtesy of Erica King


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