Kelly: I'm a Tree Ornament! 2004

The christmas Kelly dolls got a new design when the Kelly Club logo changed for the Kelly logo. We got four dolls - and their boxes gives the impression they are hanging from a christmas tree branch - as they are made for, with a string in their back to use as a hanger.

Kelly comes donned to the teeth for a fancy christmas party in green and turqouise, with a gold "wrapped" gift in her hand. Her blonde hair is pulled up into a fancy hairdo.
Becky, the brown haired girl is tucked up in her fuzziest winter wear and a knitted scarf with a cup of hot chocolate.
Tommy got stuck under the mistetoe and everyone have given him a kiss. His clothes looks like a jester outfit in red and green harlequin patterned top and a big yellow ball at the collar. Green pants and sewn shoes. 
Deidre is the Holiday Angel in a purple and white gown and golden wings. She has a halo above her head. 

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly: I'm a Tree Ornament!, 2004
Asst. G2894



C3672 Holiday Party Kelly, 2004



C3673 Winter Treat Becky, 2004



C3674 Mistletoe Kisses Tommy, 2004



C3675 Holiday Angel Deidre, 2004


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