Kelly Club: I'm an Ornament Too! 2003

For Christmas 2004 (2003) four new dolls were released. As previous years they double as ornaments with a string on their backs.
Nia is a sparkly revelation in her pearly white gown with irridescent polkadots and a huge collar mimicking isicles - or an oversized snowflake. She wears a silver diadem with a snowflake ontop and she also carries a silver snow flake. She wears white ballerina shoes and looks like a winter queen with glitter eye shadow.
Kerstie brings her christmas gift, to add to the pile of gifts under the tree. She wears a beautiful green velvet/satin top/tulle sleeved dress, with a lace edge sewn to the hem. White with red and green lace trimmed socks in her black Mary Janes. Kerstie have red hair and brown eyes.
Kelly is handing out gifts in her red santa costume with black boots. She is carrying a small rocking horse. This Kelly doll have articulated legs.
Tommy comes as a nutcracker with painted face, with a moustache and big red cheeks. He has a cardboard hat, blue jacket with gold sleeves, red pants and black boots. He is carrying a staff.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly Club: I'm an Ornament Too!, 2003
Asst. No. 55908



B1345 Snow Sparkle Nia, 2003



B1346 Holiday Cheer Kerstie, 2003



B1347 Santa Claus Kelly, 2003



B1348 Nutcracker Tommy, 2003


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