Kelly Club: I'm an Ornament too! 2001-2

These dolls must have been planned and put on hold to be sold in 2003. They are copyrighted in 2001, like the first batch and there are no dolls copyrighted in 2002, but they do have their own assortment number. Too bad you don't completely remember the history. This set consists of six dolls in four costumes/outfits, doubling as ornaments with a ribbon sewn to their back to use as a christmas tree hanger.

We have Kelly in two skintones on her way to a christmas party, dressed in a long, white sleeveless gown with red stripes to mimik a peppermint. Her blonde or dark hair is rooted with red streaks and put up in a high, braided ponytail. She carries a white, oval purse with a red bow and her lips are painted red to match.

Lorena comes caroling in the neighborhood in her pretty red coat with fur collar. Under the coat she wears a golden dress, trimmed with red velvet and white lace, over a pair of irridescent pantyhose and black Mary Janes. She carries a red candle. Her black hair has a red elastic hairband.

Chelsie and Deidre hide among the christmas trees in the snow, dressed - as christmas trees in green dresses adorned with gold glitter and printed ball ornaments. Their hats follow the dress into a cone shape and looks like tree tops with star and all. They carry a red toy horse on wheels.

The adorable redheaded Jennys is attending the party with a red satin band and gold bow in her hair, dressed as a poinsettia with a red velvet petals collar over a gold edged green dress with a green leave/petals overskirt. Under her dress she has a pair of green pantyhose and green jelly sandals. A green pot is included in her box, behind a cardboard printed white poinsettia. Behind the cardboard you can catch something red in the pot, but it's even so it might double as a stool.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly Club: I'm an Ornament too!, 2001
Asst. 55908, 52898 (AA)



55643 Peppermint Kelly, 2001



55644 Caroling Lorena, 2001



55645 Christmas Tree Chelsie, 2001



55646 Poinsettia Jenny, 2001



55676 Christmas Tree Deidre, 2001


Kelly AA

55677 Peppermint Kelly AA, 2001


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