Kelly: Halloween Party (Target), 2004

This year, I for some reason had a hard time acquirering all the dolls (at least getting them on hand, they might be staying somewhere in ther US at "friends" that aren't releasing them for one reason or another - some are on me, some definitely on them as they get impossible to communicate with). Either way. Right now, I have two on hand, could have a third (the Tiger) but she somehow got pass me in this recent Swedish auction. Glad to have Erica to help me show the ones I am missing myself. There are six dolls (only five on Kerstie's box, but the AA Kelly witch is the sixth).
Kelly is dressed as a witch in both versions with a candy corn hat and matching dress in black, orange and yellow. Their hair also have yellow and orange streaks. Tommy is a vampire in a new designed costume and really vampire looking eyes. The pumpkin got a new look with a smiley face on the orange belly but it also have purple arms and pants with half a pumpkin as a hat. Nikki is a ghost and Melody wears a tiger costume.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly Club: Halloween Party (Target), 2004
Asst. No. B6485



B6489 Tommy is a Vampire!, 2004



G4130 Kerstie is a Pumpkin!, 2004


Photos courtesy of Erica King:

B6486 Kelly is a Witch!, 2004
B6487 Kelly is a Witch! AA, 2004
B6488 Melody is a Tiger!, 2004
B6489 Tommy is a Vampire!, 2004
G4129 Nikki is a Ghost!, 2004
G4130 Kerstie is a Pumpkin!, 2004


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