Kelly: Halloween Party, 2005

Halloween Party 2006 (2005) gave us some new costumes and new looks of the kids faces, with big eyes. The two Kelly dolls wore clown outfits with a red nose. So adorable! Bright and funny colors with striped pants with two over sized yellow buttons at the red strap ends, over a yellow t-shirt. A huge bow at the neck in blue with big polkadots. A red velvet hat with a big yellow flower and red sneakers to that. They both have a short hairdo. Kerstie is wearing a coverall as a leopard with felt nails and all. No boys this year, the dragon is Becky, with all the scales made out of sequined fabric in an array of dark colors. Melody is a witch with purple hair and pink streaks, matching her hat and dress. From the hat hangs a spider. On the feet she has black boots.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Halloween Party, 2005
Asst. No. G8844



H6737 Melody is a Witch!, 2005



H6739 Kerstie is a Leopard!, 2005



H6740 Kelly is a Clown!, 2005



H6741 Becky is a Dragon!, 2005


Kelly AA

H6742 Kelly is a Clown! AA, 2005


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