Kelly: Halloween Party (Target), 2003

Halloween Party 2004 (2003) was joined by a spider Kelly. Darn cute spider. One punpkin this year, yet again in a new design, which made the collectors rather happy. Nikki had a fat costume with a happy pumpkin on her belly, light green arms and ditto pants and she worte elf shoes in orange to match. Her hat was part of a pumpkin. Tommy came as a dragon, Belinda was the black and white cat of the year and we got two witches with Jenny and Deidre.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Halloween Party, 2003
Asst. No. B3125



B3126 Kelly is a Spider!, 2003



B3127 Nikki is a Pumpkin!, 2003



B3128 Tommy is a Dragon!, 2003



B3129 Jenny is a Witch!, 2003



B8180 Belinda is a Cat!, 2003



B8181 Deidre is a Witch!, 2003


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