Kelly: Halloween Party (Target), 2002

The 2003 batch of Halloween Party dolls at Target gave us a new doll as Lorena joined the costume party dressed as a witch. Tommy was trick or treatin' in a scarecrow costume, Jenny came as a Genie and the pumpkins, Kelly and Deidre, got a brand new look with a shiny "lacquer" finish to the body, green silky stockings and a hat of the stem and leaves.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Halloween Party (Target), 2002
Asst. No. 56746



56747 Tommy is a Scarecrow!, 2002



56748 Lorena is a Witch!, 2002



56749 Jenny is a Genie!, 2002



56750 Kelly is a Pumpkin!, 2002



56751 Deidre is a Pumpkin!, 2002


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