David's Bridal - Perfect Pair Tommy and Kelly 2004

David's Bridal is a company in the US which provides gowns for a wonderful wedding for the bride and everyone around her. They teamed up with Mattel to make, not only Barbie dolls, but also three sets of Tommy and Kelly wearing wedding gear. Tommy as the ring bearer in a black tux, wearing a white satin pillow for the rings and Kelly as a flower girl in a white gown, carrying a basket of red roses and petals. I have two sets on hand myself so once again, Erica will provide the photo of the third set.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Photos: Mattel


Perfect Pair Hispanic/brunette

H8152 David's Bridal - Perfect Pair Hispanic/Brunette, 2004



Perfect Pair - Ring Bearer Tommy Hispanic/brunet, 2004



Perfect Pair - Flower Girl Kelly Hispanic/brunette, 2004


Perfect Pair AA

H8153 David's Bridal - Perfect Pair AA, 2004



Perfect Pair - Ring Bearer Tommy AA, 2004



Perfect Pair - Flower Girl Kelly AA, 2004


Perfect Pair

H7548 David's Bridal - Perfect Pair, 2004
Photo by Erica King



Perfect Pair - Ring Bearer Tommy, 2004



Perfect Pair - Flower Girl Kelly, 2004


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