Kelly: Sweetsville 2003

To all Kelly Kollektors dismay Mattel made a reboot of Kelly and her friends and came up with the idea of these Lemon Heads. That is what Kelly collectors called them, due to the shape of their heads. Sweetsville was a whole series of candy themed dolls and accessories, such as candy shops and cars. Mattel  also launched a Kelly and Friends Second Video set with Kelly and Keeya in a set with a VHS of their adventures in Sweetsville. These new dolls were taller than our beloved Kelly, with longer arms and weird hands. Since they never made a huge success, Mattel withdraw them after a couple of years and returned to regular Kelly dolls - for a short while.
I have so far only Duke de Sucre on hands from this set of single box Sweetsville dolls. Had to get him as he is a new character in the Kellyverse. 
The other three dolls are: Becky (B5785), Liana (B5793) & Tamika (B5800).
Duke de Sucre is the owner/leader/king if you will of Sweetsville, a magic candy place. Kelly got her second video connected to this series - or the other way around.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Sweetsville, 2003
Asst. No. C3970



B5786 Kelly: Sweetsville - Duke de Sucre, 2003



Kelly: Sweetsville B5785 Becky, B5793 Liana, B5800 Tamika, B5786 Duke de Sucre
Photo courtesy Erica King


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