Kelly Club: Sun Fun 2003-3

I think this is the last of the old type Kelly Club series in the narrow boxes. Not entirely true, but to a point. These dolls also came with the lemonhead sculpts, which sort of puts an end to the Klassikly Kute Kelly dolls, even if they returned with a vengeance later. We got a new Stock Nr on the boxes, which also pointed out something new, after having the same numbers on the boxes since the beginning.
The kids are visiting Hawaii, it seems with Maria and Deidre all dressed up in Hawaiian attire with grass skirts and leis. Kayla and Desiree are testing the waves on their red surf boards, Kerstie is snorkling around to look at the fish and Tommy is backing up Maria and Deidre with his Bongo drums.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly Club: Sun Fun, 2003
Asst. No. C3670 / Asst No. C3671 (AA)



G3970 Surfer Kayla, 2003

B5789 Surfer Kayla, 2003



G3971 Hula Maria, 2003

B5790 Hula Maria, 2003



G3972 Snorkle Kerstie, 2003

B5791 Snorkle Kerstie, 2003



G3973 Bongo Tommy, 2003

B5792 Bongo Tommy, 2003



G3975 Surfer Desiree, 2003

 Surfer Desiree, 2003



G3976 Hula Deidre, 2003

 Hula Deidre, 2003


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