Kelly: Easter Tweets 2003

This year we got a bunch of Lemon Head Kelly dolls in all the holiday series - and therefor I don't have any. I wasn't too keen on the koncept of these heads and bodies back then. In hindsight it's a sad decision. These dolls have since come to grown on me.
Easter Tweets is a cute series with four dolls in boxes designed as bird houses. Inside them you find a doll wearing an easter costume of a chicken in a half hatched egg. You have Kelly as a pink chicken in a yellow egg, Maria a yellow chicken in a purple egg, Deidre dressed as Kelly and Kerstie as a lavendar chicken in a blue egg. No coseups of these. Box photos are gathered up from internet searches and of course Erica King provides a full series photo of them out of box.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly: Easter Tweets, 2003
Asst. B1799

Photos: eBay



B1800 Easter Tweets Kelly, 2003



B1801 Easter Tweets Maria, 2003



B1802 Easter Tweets Deidre, 2003



B1842 Easter Tweets Kerstie, 2003



Kerstie, Kelly, Maria, Deidre

Photo: Erica King


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