Kelly: Easter Garden 2002

Kelly and her friends are out in the garden looking for easter eggs. Melody tagged along from an earlier series so her item number is different than the rest. She is a Li'l Lamb. Kelly is a Li'l Bunny. Nikki is a Li'l Chick, a second Melody is dressed as a Li'l Flower and Tamika yet another Li'l Chick. They come in egg shaped, plastic bubble containers with a tulip patterned cardboard frame in various pastels. Back is flat, so they can hang on a wall, should one want that. The design of the box makes them very hard to have standing on their own.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Kelly: Easter Garden, 2002 (Target)
Asst. B1069



52805 Melody as a Li'l Lamb, 2002


52803 Kelly as a Li'l Bunny, 2002



B1071 Nikki as a Li'l Chick, 2002



B1072 Melody as a Li'l Flower, 2002


Kelly AA

B1073 Kelly AA as a Li'l Chick, 2002



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