Barnum's Animals Crackers 2002

Barnum's Animals Crackers is exactly what it sounds like, a box of crackers for kids in animal shapes sold in the US, made after the famous PT Barnum's circus. Mattel joint forces with them (the cracker company) and created four dolls dressed in animal suits. Kelly is an elephant, Kayla and Deidre are lions and Jenny is a tiger. All dolls carries a box of crackers. Their boxes also are designed as circus carts, like the cracker boxes. Ontop of the boxes is a picture of the corresponding cracker animal.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Barnum's Animals Crackers, 2002
Asst. 56337



56333 Kelly is an Elephant, 2002



56334 Kayla is a Lion, 2002



56335 Jenny is a Tiger, 2002



56336 Deidre is a Lion, 2002


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