Olympic Winter Games Salt Lake 2000, 2001

Mattel have made Olympic dolls since the 70's but for the Winter Olympics Games in Salt Lake in 2000 they really outdid themselves. This year they included Kelly and her friends in the myriad of Olympic dolls. You have Kelly in two skintones competing in figure skating, Tommy plays ice hockey, Belinda and Desiree swoops down the slopes on their snowboards and Lorena the same on her down hill skis.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake 2000, 2001
Asst. 52968, 52969 (AA)



52761 Olympic Winter Games - Figure Skater Kelly, 2001



52762 Olympic Winter Games - Ice Hockey Tommy, 2001



52763 Olympic Winter Games - Snowboarder Belinda, 2001



52764 Olympic Winter Games - Skier Lorena, 2001


Kelly AA

52970 Olympic Winter Games - Figure Skater Kelly AA, 2001



52972 Olympic Winter Games - Snowboarder Desiree, 2001


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