Kelly: Easter Eggie 2001

Target released four "new" dolls for easter 2002. We saw Kelly in two skintones, dressed up in a pink rabbit suit with a plastic bunny ear diadem/head piece, Melody was a dressed in a fluffy lamb suit with black hanging ears and Liana was dressed as an Easter Egg (Li'l Egg) in bright colors and fun pattern. I didn't buy two of these myself, for different reasons, mostly because the rabbits were almost the same dolls as in the Easterrific series. The lamb was re-released in the Easter Garden set and I bought that one so I felt I didn't need them again. Kind of stupid as they are slightly different. The Easterrific dolls have bangs, Easter Eggie doesn't, and white in the ears of the head piece and their eyes are different. Oh, well. The things you realize in hindsight.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Kelly: Easter Eggie, 2001 (Target)
Asst. No. 55703



52803 Kelly as a Li'l Bunny, 2001


Kelly AA

52803 Kelly as a Li'l Bunny AA, 2001



52805 Melody as a Li'l Lamb, 2001



52806 Liana as a Li'l Egg, 2001


Easter Eggie

Kelly as a Li'l Bunny, Liana as a Li'l Egg, Melody as a Li'l Lamb, Kelly as a Li'l Bunny AA

Photo courtesy of Erica King (Note: Kelly does not come with shoes)


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