Shelly Club 1998

These three dolls were the first European only releases, we saw of the Li'l Friends. Shelly's friends were released in the narrow boxes in the US but we got three, well, two of them with extra accessories. Yes, there are three dolls, but Jenny here, was never released in USA. Instead they got Playtime Nia, one of the most elusive Li'l Friends in existance. Kayla is dressed exactly as her US counterpart Dress-Up Kayla, but also came with a small vanity. Chelsie looks like Cowgirl Chelsie but came riding her rockinghorse and finally we had Jenny, wearing the same clothes as Playtime Nia - but we still wasn't ready for black Kelly dolls in Europe so we got Jenny instead, in long black hair pulled up in a high ponytail. She came in two variations as her tiny wagon came in white with a red handle, or red with a white handle. The toys she pulls are the same, a blue bucket with yellow handle, a red shovel and a yellow ball.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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Li'l Friends of Shelly, 1998
Asst. No. -



21638 Kayla, Li'l Friend of Shelly, 1998



21639 Chelsie, Li'l Friend of Shelly, 1998



21640 Jenny, Li'l Friend of Shelly, 1998


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