Pony Riding Shelly 1998

The Barbie Riding Club was a theme in 1998 and a tie-in to a video game. Barbie and her sisters went riding on ponies. You could collect big cards with pictures, a herd of horses and ponies with different gimmicks. There were several doll sets with and without their ponies, as well as the ponies separately. Kelly came with a pony that could bend her head. She was sold in Europe as well. But, we also got these two dolls, Pony Riding Shelly, sitting on a cardboard horse.
The girl on left was dressed exactly like the Kelly/Shelly on a plastic horse, with her gold trimmed midnight blue velvet vest to her khaki breeches. These still have the piece of velcro on the bum, een if she doesn't have a horse in the box. The plastic pony had the matching piece on the saddle. Kelly's clothes matches her bigger sister's in two separate sets (Horse Riding Barbie and Barbie & Walking Beauty Gift Set).
We got a second version of her, only sold in Europe, where Shelly came in a green velvet vest with sewn-in short sleeves, also matching her bigger sister (Horse Lovin' Barbie in green t-shirt under a tan, fringed jacket). The second Shelly have softer screening with green eyes and coral lips. The rest is the same as first release. This girl could also be found in a gift set with her pony, Shelly & Thirsty Pony.

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