Big Brother Ken & Baby Brother Tommy 1996

Mattel gave everyone a surprise whan they released a set with Ken and his baby brother, Tommy. The sets came in Caucasian and AA and Tommy is adorable! Ken brings a baby carrier in which he can put everything he needs for Tommy on a day out. There are bottles and a rattler, a pacifier and an extra diaper. They also have a big yellow ball to play with.
Ken has rooted light brown hair and blue eyes or painted brown (Jamal sculpt) with brown eyes. He wears a pair of light blue denim shorts, with same fabric in the baby carrier. He has a white t-shirt (don't remember right now if it's a front only) under his blue and yellow wind stopper. He has a pair of blue sandals. My Caucasian Ken has gone missing for now, but closeup of him (well both) will come as I come across them. I only have old analog and scanned photos of them, but somehow the photos of the CC one are also gone...
Tommy has a blonde moppe of hair or brown curly hair rooted on top. He wears a blue and white striped shortalls. He has a lever on his back so he can wave to everyone he passes (same body as Strollin' Fun Kelly's). His shortalls/romper has a pair of handles on the back sides so Ken can hold him and bounce him for giggles (no sound effects). Power Wheels Tommy wears the same outfit, but without the handles. The Tommy dolls have the Kelly bottle mouth sculpt.

More and detailed photos in my (Swedish) blog.

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