Miscellaneous Dolls

I have been contemplating to add a new page/section/whatever to add the different doll series I semi collect. My site is plain html and has no fancy scripts for searching etc, but I wanted to have "easy" access to my own collections within. I have been known to buy (or want to buy) certain dolls that already resides in my collection. The backdraw of my sometimes lack of time to really take note. It's just a matter of photographing, putting photos in the archives and dolls "temporary" away and on to the next job shift. So, for now this will be a boring text only start page, leading on to other pages.
Some of these are on the old pages already, but with small photos, others are in the blog, but still. It's mostly for me TBN...

Dolls and photos all belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

Disclaimer: If you have a link with the security protocol (https), delete the s and pictures will hopefully show. Make sure the link says http, not https.



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