Carlyle Nuera is the Mattel designer behind the Barbie Collector BMR1959 series that was released during a couple of years (2019). They were hated and loved, all in the same with cool dolls with Made-to-Move bodies in an array of skin tones and body types. We had tall dolls, curvy dolls, petite dolls and Ken got his first MtM bodies. The dolls are edgy with an attitude, just like Carlyle himself. The BMR1959 logo is a theme through the whole series and is seen in ribbons, hats, as part of the fabric pattern and design, lining, jewelry, accessories and of course their stands.
The boxes are made of brown cardboard with Carlyle's non colored illustration of each doll on the lid, and the dolls are attached to a liner in a bright color, matching the doll.


BMR1959 / GHT91

BMR1959 / GHT92

BMR1959 / GHT93

BMR1959 / GHT94

BMR1959 / GHT95

BMR1959 / GHT96

BMR1959 / GNC46

BMR1959 / GNC47

BMR1959 / GNC48

BMR1959 / GNC49