Barbie I Can Be, Barbie You Can Be Anything. Skipper Babysitters INC, all  have these kids in  common, with the old Kelly doll body but new heads with molded hair. The stamp can be put just about anywhere, it seems. Under the chin or under the neck hair line as it is on the "neck part" of the head. GAH. I am NOT a fan of these heads and their stupidly ugly necks. 

Kid VI - Braided Top Bun
Copyright: 2016


DXC93 I Can Be: Ballet Instructor student, 2016



FHX05 Babysitters Inc. Bathroom kid, 2018
Asst. FHY97


FHX06 Babysitters Inc. Bathroom kid AA, 2018
Asst. FHY97



FXP18 You Can Be Anything - Music Teacher, 2018



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