Barbie I Can Be, Barbie You Can Be Anything. Skipper Babysitters INC, all  have these kids in  common, with the old Kelly doll body but new heads with molded hair.
In 2020/2021 a new way of making these dolls surfaced. The dolls have "wigs" instead of the hair molded into the head. This also makes it possible to hide the mold seam under the "hair". Much better than the ugly seam under the chin.

Kid IV - Low Neck Pigtails
Copyright: 2015


FJB29 Careers - Teacher, 2017


Careers: Pediatrician - kid
Photos taken by and used by permission from Jaclyn Meyer



DVG15 Career - Tennis Coach, 2016



GJM71 You Can Be Anything - Soccer Coach, 2019



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