Barbie I Can Be, Barbie You Can Be Anything. Skipper Babysitters INC, all  have these kids in  common, with the old Kelly doll body but new heads with molded hair.
In 2020/2021 a new way of making these dolls surfaced. The dolls have "wigs" instead of the hair molded into the head. This also makes it possible to hide the mold seam under the "hair". Much better than the ugly seam under the chin.
It took me a while to get my hands on a doll with this sculpt, but eventually I managed to land a siblings set from the Babysitters Inc. series where the bigger Kelly sized sister was made with it. The sculpt is made with a big happy, toothy smile and a bob cut hairdo.

Kid III - Bob and big smile
Copyright: 2015



I Can Be... Dentist - kid, ethnic
Photos taken by and used by permission from Jaclyn Meyer


#GFL31 Babysitters Inc. Siblings, 2018
Asst. GFL30


FXG97 Babysitters Inc. 'Girl with Tent', 2018
Asst. FXG94


GRP17 Babysitters Inc. 'Traffic Stroll', 2020
Asst. FXG94


Mattel changed the way of the production of these heads. We saw this in a Fashionistas Ken last year, but now in the kids too. The seam is probably put under a "wig" today, to not be as visible and pure ugly as it is under the chin. This also means the hair is an extra piece, sort of a wig. As I would need a really bad doll to look into, I can't tell how this is done, but probably the hair is glued to the top of the head. Stamp is the same as before, 2015.

Dolls belong to and photos courtesy of Laurel Bennett

Career/I Can Be/You Can Be Anything Dentist patients, wigged girl in the center.



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