In 2019 we saw some new sets with boys - in Kelly size! The Babysitters INC. series was extended with a latino siblings set and a playground set with a boy. Kelly Kollectors got excited. Been a while since we actually had seen a boy in this size.

These (first) boys were made with the same sculpt, with a toothy smile and a cool "haircut". Love it, we got two so different boys, even if the same. Different skin tones and different hair and eye colors. Still with the same ugly necks as the girls. This, I don't get. At all.
In 2021 (I guess with 2020?) the kids got new sculpts with glued-on wigs, so the hideous seam could be hidden under the "hair" as with the old rooted heads.


Babysitters INC., Boy
Copyright: 2018


#GFL32 Babysitters Inc. Siblings, 2018
Asst. GFL30

#FXG96 Babysitters Inc. - Playground, 2018
Asst. FXG94


GRP16 Babysitters Inc. 'Kitchen', 2020
Asst. FXG94



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