This is just a totally not neccessary start page for the Quick ID of Kelly and boy dolls.

I have a plan for these pages, to add and group dolls according to face sculpt, followed by hair color and eye color/shape etc. One page for the AA girl dolls, but they will be grouped by face and skin tone first.
If you have a doll that has a honey blonde tone to her hair, she might be found under blonde or red, some are not easily determined and we all think differently what red hair is. Also in the dark red/brown tones it might be hard to determine and they may be found on either page. Same goes for dark brown and black hair. As for other skin tones than AA, they are all grouped within their hair color page, but some latinas may have slipped onto the AA page. Also boys are all on one separate page. Perhaps the girl you are trying to ID is a boy?



Kelly blonde


Kelly brunette


Kelly redheads


Kelly black hair


Kelly AA


Kelly fantasy hair






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