There are so many dolls I still want - here are some of them...

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And any dolls that are missing on my Facemold-pages...

  ~*~*~*~ Pink marked items below are hopefully covered and arriving soon... ~*~*~*~   

Kelly / Shelly  Kelly Club / Friends
Love'n Care AA  
 Jumping Fun Castle AA

  Maura: Surfer

 Mother Goose Storytime Barbie & Kelly wh Easter Eggies: lamb, bunny
Let's Go Grocery Shopping B&K AA  

  Art Teacher Barbie & Kelly, brunette/Asian

 2004: Fruit Kelly AA   
 Skiing Vacation Sisters wh  Princess & the Pauper Kelly dolls
 Tea for Three Gift Set wh   Holiday assortment
 Sleepover Girls Barbie & Kelly wh Target Halloween 2004, 2 witches, ghost, vampire, tiger.
Wal*Mart Hawaiian Vacation Barbie & Kelly wh  
  Sea Splashin' Barbie & Kelly wh/AA  Italian Shelly 2002
  Italian Shelly 2003
Gift Sets including a li'l one, friends.  
Happy Family -  see below   Fashions - LOTS of them!!
   Holiday Revisted  Fashion Avenue: 



  Blues/Yellow w flowerprint '98  (#20620)

Srub-A-Dub Krissy AA

 Miscellaneous Items 

Swing'n Play Krissy AA

   Cuddly Soft II AA (with bunny-carrier) 


   Cuddly Soft Keeya (with high chair) 


Midge Happy Family  
Happy Family Midge I, wh/AA
Happy Family Grandparents & Kitchen set AA
Happy Family Neighborhood Midge & Nikki AA
Happy Family Neighborhood Alan & Ryan, wh/AA
Happy Family Neighborhood Midge & baby II wh/AA
Happy Family Neighborhood Baby Friends
TRU Happy Family Neighborhood Hometown Fair wh/AA (whole family)
Happy Family Neighborhood Fashionpacks
 Happy Family Neighborhood Neighbors - 2 sets, Mom/Dad w kids


Pink Box to 1995: Dolls of the World:
 Pink Box from 1996 on:  
Bead Blast AA w/ Nichelle facemold  
Cool Shaving Ken AA  
Happy Family - see above   
    Princess of the World:
    Princess of the Portuguese Empire
Special Editions:  
 Blonde military Ken - Marine or Air Force  Aztec Princess
 Eliza in pink gown  
  40th Anniversary Barbie - AA Foreign Released Dolls
  40th Anniversary Ken - both versions!  
  Estrela Rock Star: Diva, Lia, Viky (Barbie)
Children's Collector Series: Barbie in India (wearing Saris)
SnowWhite The set with Barbie and Skipper in a Holiday-box
  Phillippine Barbie-dolls

There are of course hundreds of more, but you've got to draw the line somewhere, right?

Vintage dolls (no rush on any  of these... need a job and an income first ;-) ) 
A loose tn't body for my Stacey head
Other Mattel dolls
Heart Family - New Born Baby cauc
Sunshine Family - Sun baby
Happy Family (AA) - Hun baby


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