KellyKlub Halloween SWAP 2002 - Sweet Horrinda - the friendly witch
My SWAP for Rhonda Baird of Stikki Dolls Design

Trouille is French for something really frightening and Sweet Horrinda is a kind lil Horrifying witch how ever that adds up.

Sweet Horrinda comes with her broom for tricks and a bag for her treats. She also brings a couple of Pumpkin chocolate candy balls and a ghost for company

Horrinda used to be a Pool Party Liana but she got a new non removable outfit.
The base sheath dress is made of a burnt orange toned satin that got a petal cut over skirt in a black tulle adorned with sequins. The diamond pattern gets a sort of web look to it.
Her Trick or Treat bag has a ghost print on the front and says Bo on the back. One o got lost... The bag is too narrow. LOL!
Her pumpkin shaped container is "lined" with web and some spiders. This used to contain candy on a past Halloween. (I got it just for the reason it would make a great Halloween box for a doll some day and it showed to be right!).

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