The theme for this swap is Fall Ball and we were supposed to make a dolls with sequins/beads... 
Once more I am making a girl for Carolyn and as her favorite colors still are BLUE...


A li'l girl in Swedish colors of blue and yellow. Sort of... 

Her dress is made of taffeta and I added a line of blue and golden beads to the breastline. She also got a "belt" made out of beads in golden, silver and copper-tones. After a while the dress got a ruffle of blue/black metallic tulle that I also lined with golden and blue beads. 

Her bun in the neck also got a wrap of the tulle.

To finish her look she got a shawl of gold lamé that has three strands of golden/blue beads in each end. 

This is yet another former Pony Riding Shelly. 

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