Carolyn somehow lost her partner in the KolorSWAP so we decided to make a private swap instead. As my doll for Tina went on so fast and "easy" I wanted to make a Flower for Carolyn too - of course in 
so here I introduce to you; Li'l Iris (workname)


Amusement Park Shelly had to be my choice once again with her serene looks. This IS a kute doll with lovely kolors!

Her outfit are made of broad satin bands cut into petals and sewn onto a smaller satin band. She has a blue body under it all and I found this pretty twocolorblue and pink ribbon that I glued/sewed over her shoulders. She has a footchain of glassbeads around her left leg - you can see a tiny fraction of it to the right here. I made her a couple of braids in her hair but kept her turquoise rubberband.

The last I did was to add this butterfly that used to be a magnet. 

These shots were taken in the making and she isn't quite finished yet. 

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