Pabboo came up with this idea of making a doll in our favorite kolors and it should be made into a flower. I was set up with Tina and her favorite Kolors are Pink and Blue (sort of)... Now, what flowers can be made with pinkish and blueish kolors/tones? After checking out flowerbooks and a short session with my Mom - the Queen of garden flowers and plants I decided to make a Fuchsia. I made a search for fuschias and found a GREAT Swedish site with tons of pictures and a perfect name for a flower as well as a doll... 


So I am pleased to present to you: 

formerly an Amusement Park Shelly - again a doll with the right kolors to begin with; blue eyes and dark pink lips.

She got a new ponytail, with a pink rubberband 
and a couple of braids on the side. 

I also made her a custom box for safe travel.


In the making... 

The table is filled with tiny fabricscraps and thread, pearls and pictures. 

And not to forget the tiny beheaded nudie... 

Layer after layer of petals added to transform Shelly into Cecile, the flowergirl.


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