A Recycle Swap?? OK, you have to use "old" things for it. I got an idea when I spotted the Wrapping Paper I got from Geo on the Sock Swap earlier and saw a fairyskirt in front of me. So'll be it. 


The final result. OK, I may start in the wrong end here ;-) The pictures are very blurry and I am sorry about that. Don't know what happened to these. 

She has a bodice under that everything is sewn onto. Pink yarn wrapped around her waist and a 3piece rose I found somewhere on her chest. She also got a piece of green satinribbon around her hair with a rose tucked in - and a rose around her arm. 
She sits on a big pink flower from this horrible bouquet that was perfect for her :-) Ugly can make beauty! There is a green leave too that doesn't show in the pix.
Her wings comes from a tiny cherub ornament that are golden from start and I painted them with an irredescent nailpolish in a pinkish tone to match the rest of her. 
Her name came from a mix of Thumbelina and the fact she is a "twinkie" (trinket/tiny fairy ;-) ). 


Some more shots of the li'l trinket in her flowerbowl. 

(Click the photos to see a bigger one.

The photos below shows her under progress. She just got pointed feet here and her wings glued to her back.

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