The fifth KellyKlub-SWAP I have been involved in was for the Holidays of 2000 and I was setup with Becky Grimes. I decided to make a Halloween-display. Took me a while, but here is the result - 
li'l Leopard Leila and Wizard Willie.


Leopard Leila is a former Pony Riding Shelly and Wizard Willie used to be a (Winter Fun) Tommy. 

I found the Wizard-hat in a local store and that is what made me want to do this theme in Halloween. Had to chase down the right black fabric for his robe. It's a stretch and no hemming needed. Perfect!




Leila and Willie are about to knock the door of a big mansion with their candybags ready to be filled... or to give the owner a Trick. Willie would like to try his magic wand and hopes for a 'Trick'... 
Behind them somone has hung up a luminous skeletton in a tree to scare people off but
Leila and Willie aren't that easily spooked. 


I made a Halloween backdrop for the liner with lots of pumpkins, haunted houses, spooks, monsters, cute Trick or Treaters, cats, bats, a witch on her broom in front of the moon and lots of other li'l details. The moon is luminous as well as the tiny ghost on the plastic lid. 



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