The second official SWAP at KellyKlub had a Valentines-theme. I was set up to swap with Loanne and this is the doll I made for her: Valen-Tina.


Valen-Tina was originally a Flower Girl Maria that got a perm - my first ever!

She is wearing a slim dress with silver top and a pink skirt with silver "sequins". It's a soft fabric and I added a silvertulle-ruffle at the bottom. Her stole is made of white "fur" and lined with a pink loosely weaved raw silk.

I have bent her left arm and altered her hand a bit to make it look like she is holding that "glass"jar of chocolates.

In her box there is also a cupid with a bowl of hearts, a porcelain vase with heartflowers, a miniature Swedish chocolatebox and a frame with her true love (can't be seen here). She is also wearing silverslippers.




The back of her box shows her "story". The closeup-picture of her is a scan and therefor that strange red color of the hair again....

On the picture above I have tried to get as close to the real thing as I could, but there is still a long way before her hair turns brown from that gorgeous (?) Mahogany...

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