Fern came up with this idea of a huge group-SWAP. Everyone gives everyone the same thing by making/buying items for the whole group (but yourself). Then all bags their items and send it to Fern that divides the lot and ships all the nice things from everyone in return. You send 24 identical little items and gets 24 different ones - now isn't that an interesting idea?? 


This is what I made for the group and sent off to Fern - 
shown by my newest li'l baby at the time:

~ 1 fuchsia fleece-coat

~ 1 miniature package of Leksandsbröd - a Swedish dinner-"cracker"

~ 1 bag of Baby Beads - kids' "jewels" to give the li'l ones to play dollies with.

Below are all the nice things I recieved from my swappers (including my own bags on the first photo). 
Click the pictures for a bigger one. 

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