Barbie world Pets and animal friends

Mattel dogs that are or are not part of Barbie's world, but all fit her! Big Jim who happens to be smaller than Barbie and friends had this shepherd as a hiking companion in a set but he fits Barbie as well! The dogs has been all plastic or plastic with fur glued on or plastic with fur rooted on and a variety of sizes. There has been some felt dogs and a pipe cleaner poodle. I hope to show the piccies of all I own here at some point and as time allows.


  Dog'n Duds  

Plastic core / fur covered

Prince   Afghan Beauty/Diana   Tabasco/Turqouise
Bonnie/True Heart/xxx       Snowball

All plastic

    Afghan puppies   Midge's Happy Family pet dog   noname pup


Isprinsessa Sleigh dogs       Mattel shepherd



shetland sheepdog       Ginger



Sachi/Milady   yorkie   poodle   Honey


  Tanner   Scooby Doo  


Ruby, irish setter   Lacey, afghan   xx, poodle


  Ginger   Candie    


    Collie dog    


More dogs here (with Kelly/Shelly dolls)

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