Sindy by Hasbro

One of the first dolls I brought home was a Wedding Day Sindy. I bought her as a gift for the kids, but she also ended up in mom's collection after a while. I think she is so beautiful, and the accessories are so nice detailed.

A few years back this set of three dolls were on the shelves: Pop Star Sindy with her friends Paul and Imani.
Paul has long dark hair and a beard and Imani is an African American beauty that got her name from the real fashion model. The girls have tiny lights attached to their clothes and Paul on the guitar that blinks if you push a button. It's a pretty crazy gimmick I think, but the dolls are great!


This is my daughter's pretty brunette Pirouette Sindy, for the day she has a braid in her neck.


Another cute brunette Sindy that I bought loose with her hair in a mess! With a quick wash and an hour's time of combing she looks great!

On left picture she is dressed in an outfit made by a Swedish designer, Tess (Tess Creations).

Pic to the right shows her in a Barbie outfit like made for her!

This particular Sindy has emerald green eyes.



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