These girls are new stars on the doll-sky and the six young ladies are taking the world by storm. Next year (2000) the girls are said to get new friends and a boyfriend - not Zach... I will not go into any details about them, if you want that you can visit their own site where you can find everything they've done and will do. Just click their logo above!

I've just received my Generation Girl Nichelle and she is just stunning! Her face is made with the Asha mold and she have a great hairdo that's really wild. The shoes included with the extra dress are great! They are all new shoe-molds and the white one Nichelle has is hiiigh. The high tops she's wearing is blue and yellow and as far as I know a whole new mold too.
There are also great accessories included like her makeup-box and a clear water bottle.

Nichelle with her wild hair.

My brother in USA has sent me another Generation Girl, Chelsie - with the "nosestud". I think it kind of looks like a little white pimple... Not at all like this prescan Mattel sent out with a silvery stud.

Just a compare - My doll to the left and Mattel's adpic to the right.


Photo from

Her nosepierce is not visible on my photo, but it is a small white dot.



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