These dolls sold for a lot in Swedish stores and I never bought them for that reason. Then I wanted the dolls with the tiny doll in the box; the On Tour-set, but when I found them there were only two left and the ones that seems to be left in all series: Posh and Sporty Spice, so I didn't bother buying those either. Now I wonder why I at least didn't get those two...
I really would want them for my dollhouse! It would be great to have those tiny fashion-dolls to give to my Li'l Friends to play with along with their Disney Mini-Classic Quasimodo & Esmeralda and Polly Pocket-dolls. I WILL get the Scary Spice tho'!! YEAH!!

My brother and his wife have been nice to buy all five of the Spice it Up-set and for that I love them!

August 19 - 1999. They have arrived! I love their shoes!

September 23 - 1999. Finally I have photos of the bunch.

Melanie B
Geri Halliwell
Melanie C


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