Catwalk Kitties Purrl by Lanard

I stumbled across this cutie kittie and just had to get my hands on her! She is in Barbie size and can use fashion doll clothes. She is not wearing her original outfit as far as I can tell from browsing around the net trying to find information about these dolls.

Her Model Portfolio shows the full set of six Catwalk Kitties.
The Models: Sushi, Purrl, Anika, Minx, Sienna and Toffee.
Behind the Scenes .. not just pretty faces: Callie, Featured Model of the Year; Topaz the Make-Up Artist, Jet the Fashion Photographer and Chase the Modeling Agent.

The kitties differs in colors of their "skin" as well as "hair".


Catwalk Kitties Model Purrl

Lanard 2004

She has a molded on bikini and her torso is divided just under the bikini top.

Legs are bendable and feet/shoes removable (like Bratz), in other words, there are no feet...


Lovely girl!

No markings on the head as far as I can see.



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