Designer dolls and One-of-a-Kind-dolls

In this section you will find dolls that I have bought, traded for or gotten through SWAPs for instance. 
Not that many right now, but that will hopefully change in the future. 



Dizzy, a li'l Fairy 
made by Shelly Norrick

Autumn, a li'l Fairy 
made by Carolyn Burt

Bommy - a rabbit 
Carolyn made for me

Georgie and Sarah's 
extra doll during the sockswap 2001. 

Tina and her Mom's crocheted 
Li'l Folk's dresses

Purple Jeannie
made by Laura Nelson

Color Magic Kelly
made by Laura Nelson

Hula Hair Kelly
made by Angela deBunce

Crochet dresses for Kelly and Krissy 
made by Angie deBunce

Stikkidolls' Stylin
by Rhonda Baird


Click the picture above to see a bigger one

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