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One other aspect of doll collecting are the PATTERNS! There has been made a lot of pattern books for fashion dolls, Barbie size or Gene/Tyler size. I want to show some of all that are out there and will be adding more as I either get them in hand myself (my wish) or borrow them from friends that also collects these - second best choice. Also on this page are some views at Jim Faraone's series of books, of which I only own one so far myself even if I am featured in another!

Sy Kläder Till Barbie, Jette Riisgaard Ternsöe. The first book I have seen in Sweden all dedicated to the art of sewing for fashion dolls. This book contains patterns for Barbie and Ken as well as for the older Skipper dolls.

Kläder och tillbehör till Barbie och Ken, Pia Hernö Munck is a second book filled with sewing patterns for fashion dolls. Swedish.

Sy till dockan, Anita Gunnars. This was my first Swedish pattern book that included fashion doll patterns - as in opposite to the one above that has ONLY fashion doll clothes in it. This book also includes outfits and accessories for all size baby and girl type dolls.

Stora boken om Dockkläder, no author.  This book is a collection of doll patterns that has been released in a sewing/crafts magazine in Scandinavia. It has patterns for fashion dolls as well as an American Girl type of girl doll and Baby Born. 

knits for Barbie doll, Nicky Epstein.
Nicky Epstein has released two big books stuffed with patterns for Barbie and her pals. This is the knitting one. She has many years of practice behind her and has had her knitting patterns released in Women's Weekly magazines over the years. Here they are all gathered in a hard bound book stuffed with glossy photos. Makes anyone want to learn how to knit! 

crochet for Barbie doll, is Nicky Epstein's second book contains instructions how to make your own crocheted clothings for Barbie and her friends. This book is just as itchy for the fingers as her first knitting book. Lovely garments with great details! 

My Favorite Doll Book This book was sent to me from a friend in Korea and I just love it!! There has been a lot of books released in this series and all patterns are for the Japanese dolls, Jenny or Licca and Kindergarten Friends. Some are strictly sewing, like this one. Others contains knitted outfits or simple instructions how to make outfits from felt etc.

I especially am anxious to get my hands on the books that includes patterns for the Kindergarten Licca and friends!

Fashion Doll Fun, is a really fun book since all the pages shows painted dolls with "real" clothes on - but they can't be mistaken for who they are under the paint! It is just the doll that is painted over - if it has to do with copyrights I have no clue. With this book you can "create a fast and fun wardrobe for 11½" fashion dolls" as the cover says. Easy-to-follow instructions.

Mari DeWitt made this book called Vintage Clothing for the Fashion Doll released in 2003 and is just what the title says - a book filled with vintage patterns fitting mostly silkstone dolls but also other type of fashion dolls. Mari DeWitt has recreated a lot of the vintage Barbie fashions and drawn up patterns for them so you can make and own a replica of those hard to find garments from the 60s. Or just to make them in other colors or fabrics of your choice. Cover for instance shows a white version of Solo in the Spotlight. 

McCall's Doll Fashions Vol. 1 is a collection of patterns released by McCall's in the 60's. This is a magazine type of "book" and has a lot of instructions to make crocheted and knitted garments for Barbie, Ken and Francie dolls. McCall's has made quite a few of these magazines through the years, but most in the 60s-70s. 

This book by Nesta Hollis is called Knitted Outfits for Teenage Dolls and is filled with knits for fashion type dolls. The gal on the front cover is a Sindy type doll. 

House of White Birches made this magazine called Fashion Doll Costumes and contains what the cover says - costumes for all occasions. Sewn, knitted and crocheted. ALL crafts may be found here! I wish we could see more like this one in my home country and language. 

Fashion Doll Fantasy is a huge book made by the Needlecraft Shop. This book is stuffed with patterns and instructions to make just about anything for the dolls. The covers as you can see shows a Snow Princess and her unicorn. The creature is made in PC (plastic canvas) and the Princess' coat is sewn. There are knitting instructions and more PC. Accessories, clothes, furniture. Just about anything you can wish for to play with your dolls!

"All Dolled Up" is a true fantasy fashion pattern book. At least it triggs your fantasy. It has patterns to make easy everyday garments and iron-on painting patterns! Really cool. Claims to be "non-sewing" - as they use glue to put the pieces together! Then you transfer the pattern print to the t-shirt, pants or whatever and paint it in any colors you like!

There are a few books released with patterns to make clothings for Gene and other 15''+ dolls. Hazel McMahon is the author of a couple of them. Period & Contemporary is a 140+ pages book with patterns to make outfits from all the 20th century periods like the Victorian era, Edwardian era, 1920's Flapper outfits, 50's fun etc, etc.
Photos of details and real fashion photos from each era mixed with catalog prints. If nothing else it is a fun piece of fashion history!

Hazel McMahon also stand behind this 160 pages book: Famous Couples and here you can find patterns to make outfits for Trent as well as the girl dolls. Outfits are inspired by real historical couples as well as fictional ones from books and movies.

This is Jim Faraone's first book in a long series of makeover books. The series of Fashion Doll Makeover - Learn from the Artists as the books so nifty are called started in the mid 90's and each book is filled with artistery from all over the world. The doll makeover artists come to life in a real nice way and you get to learn a lot from each and every one of them. Tips and tricks. How to do what etc, etc.

2nd Fashion Doll Makeovers goes further into the doll making art. 

Fashion Doll Makeovers III also included bigger fashion dolls, like Gene.

4th Fashion Doll Makeovers includes a lot of people I have learned to know via the Internet and that I can be proud to call friends. 

Ultimate Fashion Doll Makeovers - Tips From The Experts is the only book where I am featured!! Jim Faraone collected a lot of tips from his online Yahoo group about everything regarding makeovers. Any little tip shared about hair styling, rooting, painting, patterns, fabrics, beading, photographing, box making or other ways to present your work, advertising and selling your products, boxes, auctions etc etc.


These books are on my wishlist:

need to check my wishes...


And more to come...

Here you can buy books about Barbie® direct off the Internet:

Hobby House Press
Amazon.com (search barbie)

or through auction sites like ebay etc

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