Ken he's a doll! Well most of us see him as a accessory to Barbie, always in the background ready to help our favorite doll if necessary.

1961 was the year when Ken made his entrance in the High school ballroom, well actually not - he went to the beach in red trunks and striped jacket. The first one had flocked hair and large eyebrows. The next year he got a different look with molded hair. He had this look until 1967 when he suddenly disappeared.

In 1969 he made his comeback and was totally revamped. Ken not only got a new face but also a totally different body with more muscles.

During the 30 years since then, he have gone through a LOT of face changes. He has mostly had molded hair but from time to time a doll with rooted hair has been sold. That's up 'til now when most of the Ken dolls have rooted hair! All but one is his "own" face. The exception is the gorgeous face he has today with short or long molded hair that first was seen when Alan reappeared in 1991. All in all, the Caucasian Ken dolls only, have had 16 different faces and molds, not counting the changes that he've had these last few years. I haven't seen any of the good looking X-Files dolls or Romeo or any other changes in person, so I can't speak for them but I'm sure there's more to come!

For 2003 there is a new series planned including a Ken with a face that looks a lot like the vintage original but with rooted hair.

The first SL Ken doll with his glued on "hair" that came in three colors; blonde, brunet or a reddish brown.

No head markings.

This particular doll I didn't have as a child, I had to get him as an adult collector.

Molded Hair
No markings

1969 Bend Legs Ken

This is my first male childhood doll, still good looking.

1968 Ken mold
or The Edwardian face.

Mod Hair Ken, my second childhood male doll. He has the same facial sculpting as Bend Legs Ken, but no hair molded. This is the first 12" male doll to have rooted hair.

Mod Hair mold
Marked 1972

1983 Horse Lovin' Ken with the hair parted at the right.

1977 Ken mold
or SuperStar

Often these heads seems to have shrunk and are too small for the rest of the body...

Sport'n Shave Ken have the same facial sculpting as the SuperStar head, but once again no molded hair but rooted.
This doll also have jointed wrists and bendable arms to hold his shaver and tennis racket.

Head markings 1977

This mold has the hair parted on the left side with longer "bangs".

1989 Cool Times Ken

1983 Ken mold
or Crystal head.

In 1988 Ken joined his girlfriend on tour as a Rocker and this is the first time he has rooted blonde hair.
Jewel Secrets Ken also features this mold.

1986 Ken or
Rocker Head mold

1991 Fantasy Ken. He was sold in the US under another name: Costume Ball Ken.

He has swept up his bangs to a new look and often with two shades of color.

1988 Ken or
the new SuperStar head.

1992 Totally Hair Ken has quite similar looks as the new SuperStar face but this time with rooted hair.

1991 Ken or
Totally Hair headmold.

Winter Sport Ken was a hunk sold everywhere in Europe in 1995 but only at some store chains in the US. He has the Move'n Bend body year marked 1975.

Alan headmold
Markings 1990


The Alan head with a shorter hairdo in the neck.

1995 Hollywood Hair Ken.

Head marked 1991


This good looking guy from the Military series has his own face. These three Military Ken dolls are the only ones to have this look.

Military head mold
Marked 1991

This handsome bloke is Crystal Ken from 1993, who was sold in the US by the name Secret Hearts Ken. Once again he has his hair divided on the right.

1991 Ken headmold or
Secret Heart / Crystal face.

Shaving Fun Ken from 1995 was the first doll in a long run of Ken dolls with rooted hair to have this headmold marked 1990. This guy to the left is Doctor Ken that came with his brother Tommy.
There really is no big difference between these two guys, but this mold is marked 1997. It can be the neckhole that differs since they are different but their smiles are identical from what I can tell.

Head marked 1997

Ken as Mulder in X-Files got a new mold, quite handsome!

Head marked 1997

Doll belongs to Rebecca Chulew.


This is really a nice looking guy! Ken from the 1998 Together Forever set with him and Barbie playing the roles of Romeo and Juliet has a lovely smile and nice colors.

Romeo head mold
Marked 1997


The first Harley Davidson Ken sported a closed mouth face. 

Head marked 19xx

No photo right now
007 Ken will join here soon I hope.

The old vintage SL face mold (second mold) made a new appearance with Silkstone Ken and later the Modern Circle Ken dolls. This time it was made with rooted hair.

Modern Circle Ken 1st release.

Head marked 19xx



2007 saw the comeback of Ken. He had vanished for being bore, or something. He came back with a brand new look, trying to lure his old girlfriend back.

2005 closed mouth Ken mold


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